ok Built-in update system
ok Import / export of lessons and books (txt, xls, xlsx, xml)
ok Unlimited numbers of books, folders, subfolders, lessons, and users
ok Printer function
ok Portable software: No installation required; Use it anywhere eg. from USB stick
ok Grades selectable; Font size adjustable...
ok Fast performance
ok Languages: German, English, French
ok Whole book 'French basic vocabulary' Kantonsschule Wohlen integrated
ok Select lessons and folders to be trained by pressing Ctrl
ok Words directly searchable and editable (also by pressing Ctrl)
ok Share any books online (exchange platform in the program integrated)
ok Fully automatic synchronization system
ok Browse and download available books directly in the program
ok Controll your own books: Possibility for activation of copyright
ok Exact learning statistics
ok Custom statistics
ok Learning behavior is analyzed: Dynamic adjustment of detection
ok Groups of vocabulary learning statistics can be printed separately
ok Extremely flexible input and editing of words
ok Vocabulary structure display as an aid
ok Vocabulary versioning: History display of the edits with reset options
ok Fast processing in query mode possible
ok Direct aids and symbol tables
ok Trainier mode and test mode
ok Written and oral query mode
ok Important and unimportant words can be queried individually
ok Upper and lower case correction adjustable
ok Random query possible
ok Efficient input
ok Good query algorithm: Repetition of vocabulary adjustable
ok Foreign language or mother tongue trainable
ok 100% free software, no spyware, no adware
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